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    Satic Field Shield (TM) shields >90% of EMF, EMR(i), WiFi, 4G, and our engineers will soon begin testing on 5G and are predicting a very similar result. FieldShield comes in a standard poster size for the breaker panel or inside the home opposite the electrical meter. A 24”x 48” size is currently available.

    Gen II Field Shield consists of 8 layers of protection:

    1) 99.9% Aluminum (a conductor).

    2) Closed-cell polyethylene foam (a resistor).

    3) 99.9% Aluminum (a conductor).

    4) A proprietary invisi-shield reflective blend of titanium dioxide, zinc, silver and ceramic.

    5) YShield EMR Protection HSF54 paint.

    6) 99.9% Aluminum (a conductor).

    7) Closed-cell polyethylene foam (a resistor).

    8) 99.9% Aluminum (a conductor) bonded together, having a grommet (creating continuity between all layers) and a cord for grounding.

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