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    SaticShield has created the EMF Test Kit Series scientifically designed to empower anyone seeking to assess the level of dirty electricity in home or office and identify common EMF causing culprits.

    To affectively assess, each SaticShield EMF Plus Test Kit includes:

    -The SaticShield 'EMI Meter' which will help you to assess the current level of dirty electricity

    -An 'Outlet Tester' will detect potential electrical or wiring issues

    -A Pure Power Plug-In filter that will demonstrate how the product actively filters, cleans and regulates the power for EMF mitigation

    -A Satic Clipboard & LED Pen with EMI reading and recording sheets for logging your findings as well as a comprehensive assessment guide and frequently asked questions

    This package leaves you fully equipped to assess and begin mitigating dirty electricity and EMF