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  • 5 Ways To Know You Are Living With Dirty Electricity in 2021

    Posted by Dylan J Smith on Jan 4th 2021

    Dirty electricity is a ubiquitous pollutant that up until recently had been largely ignored by the scientific community. Those who have electromagnetic hypersensitivity can feel it in the air. Sometimes they cannot accurately determine the source of their annoyance, but it is very much there and it is surely disturbing.

    Here are 5 ways to know that you are living with dirty electricity.

    1) You or your dear loved ones are experiencing unexplained health symptoms

    2) The electronic appliances in your home burnout simultaneously or are short-lived

    3) You feel a sense of relief when you leave an environment and miserable when you return to it

    4) Plants inside your home stop growing

    5) Know for certain: Utilize SaticShield EMF test kits