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  • EMF Rescue Kit

    MSRP: $2,248.00
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    This is the ultimate deal in defending and cleansing your home of EMF and Dirty Electricity!

    It includes

    Satic Power Perfect Unit

    This unit wires in to your main breaker panel to clean the electricity at the source.


    EMI Line Meter

    The EMI Line Meter plugs in to any outlet and gives a live reading of the noise and harmonics present on your wiring.The built-in speaker gives an audible representation of how dirty your electricity is, or is not.


    Two (2) Pure Power Plug-In units

    After you take readings around with the EMI Meter, eliminate any hot spots by simply plugging in your Plug-In unit. The unit includes a basic pass-through outlet in the front as to not occupy your socket. Using the included outlet is not necessary in order to clean your power and protect your equipment.


    Two (2) pieces of EMF Field Shield

    Created with special radiation-blocking material, this shield goes under your mattress or behind your headboard to act as a barrier between your head and the wiring in your walls. Attach the including grounding eyelet to your outlet screw and send that EMF off to ground, where it belongs!


    Twelve (12) Satic Pulse lightbulbs

    A low-energy, virtually EMF-free option to traditional LED light bulbs, which can give off harmonics and lots of EMF. We include 12 bulbs so you can cover your whole house. Normal LED bulbs may be rated for 8W of power, but can often draw upwards of 12 watts! Our SATIC Pulse bulbs will run at their rated power draw, saving you even more over old CLF bulbs, and slightly more than LED competitors.


    Nine (9) Satic Flood lights

    Our same SATIC Pulse LED technology in a larger flood or can light, for outdoor lights or recessed ceiling fixtures.

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