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  • (12) Cool Temp 9W LED Lightbulbs

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    This SaticShield Kit consists of twelve highly efficient SaticPulse LED light bulbs with ultra-low total harmonic distortion (THD) resulting in reduced EMF commonly associated with other LEDs and CFLs, making your home or business a healthier place! 4000K cool white light, CRI>80, quick start and flicker free.

    3 Year Warranty for SaticPulse LED Bulbs.

    1 Review

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      Posted by Michael on Mar 20th 2023

      Compared to 60W incandescent bulbs, Satic cool temp are whiter, brighter, and light up more space. After changing a two bulb fixture in the kitchen, my dad wanted Satic put into his office room. Mom wanted them in her bedroom to read books more easily. We also put them in entry ways. For 9W, these are more efficient than 60W bulbs.

      In and out the entry door in bright sunlight, the 60W didn't light up the entry very well. With sunglasses on, it always felt difficult to see and wait for eyes to transition. With the Satic, we can actually see without having to take our sunglasses off. We don't worry much leaving a light on with these vs regular bulbs.

      I have them in a room with near 14' ceiling height. My fixtures use 3 bulbs apiece. My parents thought regular bulbs wouldn't be enough and I'd need lamps and other fixtures. No need with the Satic bulbs.

      Now, the angle isn't ideal for a puzzle where all the dark shades blend together. Think about it. These are 14 feet in the ceiling. The puzzle is like 30" off the ground. That's asking a lot for any light.

      I'll probably use a lamp for puzzles and stuff like that so that the bulbs are closer to the table surface. For computer work, reading, or whatever, 3 Satics per fixture was enough. And yes, at 14 feet high. The regular 60W wouldn't have lit this place up enough.

      No buzzing noises. No weird headaches or visual migraines like we had with big box bulbs dad picked up at a store in town. We gave those away.

      Be nice if Satic made these for range hoods. Non-halogen are just so weak compared to what the Satic bulbs put out. And Halogen is way too hot temp wise for my comfort.

      These work well for us.

      Satic is a nice company to deal with. We had some challenges and their products and support helped us figure out what was going on and reach some solutions that work for us. Some things work, some don't. Each situation is unique. Satic was really helpful in options, trying things, and getting to a better place.

      As for those 60W bulbs, they are great in our little outdoor boxes where our water lines come up out of the ground. In an insulated box, that bulb can keep those pipes from freezing even in -40F temps outside. I don't think a Satic bulb is going to put out enough heat for that purpose. So, for those of us in the foothills of mountains that get snow and ice, 60W bulbs do have a role to play.

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