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  • Super Duty Power Perfect Box & (2) Pure Power Plug-Ins

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    This SaticShield EMF Remediation Kit consists of a Super Duty Power Perfect Box and two Satic Pure Power Plug-Ins. The additional Plug-Ins are used to mitigate "hot spots" in the electrical system that require more remediation.

    The Super Duty Power Perfect Box is wired in at the breaker panel (licensed electrician required). For homes 2500 sq. ft or more and have solar, a smart meter or excessive levels of EMI and EMF. Features & benefits include: surge protection, line conditioning, EMF reduction, voltage regulation, negative harmonics reduction, reduced electrical consumption, equipment longevity, energy savings.  Ratings: 240 V, 15 A, 3600 W, 50/60 Hz.

    The Pure Power Plug-In plugs into any standard 120V outlet to also reduce negative harmonics and EMF radiation. It is frequently used along with the Power Perfect Box to filter and condition areas that require more remediation on a specific circuit or in a room in a home or office.

    3 Year Warranty for Pure Power Plug-Ins. 10 Year Warranty for Super Duty Power Perfect Box.

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